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About Us

The Early Learning Workshop is a community based program offering a developmentally appropriate curriculum in early childhood education.  Our emphasis is on educating the “whole child”, including physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth.

We strive to meet the needs of all children by providing the highest early childhood standards and help each child to reach their full potential by learning through play.

Our high-quality early childhood program provides

  •  learning materials and teaching styles that are responsive to the age and individual differences of children and respectful of children’s families and cultural backgrounds;
  •  teachers and administrators who receive specialized preparation, sufficient compensation, and support to reflect on and improve their teaching practices;
  •  small group sizes and limit the number of children to adults so that educators get to know children’s individual learning needs;
  • an atmosphere that promotes meaningful family involvement, helps families access services they need, and assist parents in balancing demands of work and family.